Paul R. Lehman, Parents of mixed-race children that offer advice to Prince Harry and Meghan are bigotry blind

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Have you ever had the opportunity to learn a life lesson by accident without it costing you anything? Back when I was in the eighth grade, I was sitting in my social studies classroom one afternoon, waiting for class to begin when all of a sudden a loud disturbance came rushing to the front of the room—two of my male classmates were involved in fisticuffs. Our teacher, Mrs. Kelly, quickly put a stop to this display and ordered the two young men to her desk. The students were Bill and Allen and as far as anyone in the class knew, they were friends; they sat next to one another. Mrs. Kelly looked at the two students and asked the obvious question: what happened to cause this disruption?

Allen spoke first and said that Bill had insulted his mother by calling her a bad name. Bill had called her an ugly whore. Mrs. Kelly turned her eyes on Bill and asked if that was correct. He answered yes. She then looked at Allen and surprisingly asked him if it was true, was his mother an ugly whore? Allen became somewhat flustered but blurted out—no, not at all! She then turned back to Bill and asked why he had referred to Allen’s mother in such a manner. Allen said that Bill and said something that angered him, so he just said something to him to get even, and that was when Allen hit him.

Mrs. Kelly looked at both students and asked Bill if he knew Allen’s mother. He said no. She then asked if he had ever seen Allen’s mother. Again, he said no. She spoke to Allen and asked if he knew that Bill did not know nor had not even seen his mother. Allen answered yes, he knew that.  She then asked, “Why were you fighting when both of you knew that what was said was not true?” She looked at Allen and asked “How could Bill insult your mother when he does not know her, and why you would punch him for saying something that you knew was not true? Can you understand the foolishness of your actions? They both nodded in the affirmative. She then told them to look at each, apologize for acting so foolishly and get back to their seats. As they were heading back to their seats, she said for the entire class to hear: “next time you want to react foolishly to something that was said to or about you, stop, use your brain and think.” I got the message.

What brought this childhood memory to my attention was an article by Sonia Smith-Kang, in The Washington Post, (4/8/2019) about Harry and Meghan having a biracial child. The article began with this statement: “The pregnancy announcement from Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, sent the multiracial community into proud cyber-auntie and -uncle mode. We are so excited to welcome one more into our fold as we continue the distinction of being one of the fastest-growing populations, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.”The article is written by someone who identifies as a biracial person and attempts to relate with Harry and Meghan since they are expecting a baby who she believes will be biracial.

The focus of the article was to give some advice, hints, and suggestions to Harry and Meghan relative to raising their so-called biracial child. While the multiracial community and their comments were given in good faith and positive intent, they all fail to recognize one primary fact—they all possess unseen bigotry. How can that be? The answer lies in the community’s acceptance of the concept of race, especially by color, as legitimate and valid. They either do not know or choose to ignore the fact that race is a social invention and only one species of human beings exist on the planet, Homo sapiens. So, when people self-identify as biracial, mixed race or multiracial they are saying that they are only a part human being. One wonders what other species contribute to their make-up.

When people intentionally decide to identify themselves using race as a component in that identity such as biracial, mixed race, multiracial, they are in fact supporting, maintaining and promoting ethnic bigotry. Since race is a social invention and is based on skin color, we know that in America ethnic bigotry is part of the white supremacy concept. People who self-identify as biracial, mixed race and multiracial all accept the concept of white racial supremacy or there would be no value in their use of race.

All human beings belong to an ethnic group rather than the generally misused term race. Race has no scientific bases; a black race and white race does not exist. As a matter of fact, all human being are brown, including the extremes that are usually identified as black and white. Ethnic identity is based on geography and culture which includes language, religion, and customs. Biology has no involvement in ethnicity, but while many ethnic groups intermarry only the ones that accept the value of a white race use race as part of their identity. European Americans usually do not think of themselves as belonging to a race, but as the model of the human race.

Although the information provided by this group of self-identified mixed-race people appears helpful and thoughtful, it is very dangerous and harmful in that it isolates the mixed-race child from the population of human beings and treats the child as an alien. A person’s identity is based on his or her nationality, and nationality is based on geography and culture, not biology. Harry and Meghan’s child’s identity will be based on its nationality, not the cultural or ethnic identity of either parent. Even if that was the case, just what does an American and Englander look like? Forcing a child to view itself through the eyes of a race-biased culture would do extreme harm to its psyche.

The danger of a race-based concept comes from the association with social radicals such as the White Nationalist, the Aryan Nation, the Ku Klux Klan, and others hate groups that ignore the science that debunks the concept of race by color. Sharing the same or similar philosophy as hate groups serve to aid and abet them. Get the message!


Paul R. Lehman, Understanding Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

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From the comments received at this blog the primary problem for readers seems to be discerning the difference among the terms race, ethnicity or ethnic group, and cultural group or cultural identity. So, in an effort to make clear the distinctions among these terms the tomato will be used as a paradigm to underscore the relationships and differences. This example is based simply on common sense and should not be construed as a scientific study, although it could stand up to close scrutiny.

Like the term race, the tomato is more often than not misunderstood in that most people think of it as a vegetable; it is a fruit. The website provides the following information regarding this fruit. “TOMATO, whether pronounced Tuh-MAY-toh or Tuh-MAH-to, is a delicious, nutritious fruit, more widely known as a vegetable. Botanically, a tomato (Solanum lycopersicum,) is the ovary of a flowering plant, therefore it is a fruit, or, more specifically, a berry.” Regardless of what science says most people when asked to label the tomato will call it a vegetable. The term race is similar in being misunderstood.

The term tomato is the family name or reference to a family of fruit, and regardless of what they look like, they still are tomatoes. Human beings also belong to family called Homo sapiens. The word family can be interchanged with the word race because regardless of how a human being looks, he or she belongs to the family of Homo sapiens. Multiple families of tomatoes do not exist, just as multiple races of people do not exist. The problem with understanding the single human family concept comes from years of false information without any concerted effort to correct it. Like the tomato being a vegetable.

Today some people use the word ethnic or ethnicity as being equal to or the equivalent of race. As we observed earlier, the word race can be interchanged with family, but not ethnic or ethnicity. The reason for this is simply that like human beings “There are many different varieties of tomato plants and most produce red fruit, but there are also tomato plants that produce yellow, orange, pink, purple, green and white fruit. Tomato plants vary in size from small cherry tomatoes to elongated plum tomatoes.” The variety of tomatoes then can represent the variety of ethnic groups in the world. Some people mistake the variety of human beings as representative of many races. For example, some people might see the Pygmy of Africa as a separate race from the Aborigines of Australia when, in fact, they belong to the same race or family. Just because they look different does not mean they do not belong to the same family. So the words ethnic, ethnicity or ethnic group pertains to the variety of human beings within the family of Homo sapiens.

The words culture, cultural group and cultural identity is often misunderstood and associated with the words ethnic, ethnic group, and ethnicity. The primary difference among these words rest in the fact that cultures can be changed where as ethnicities cannot be changed. For example, cherry tomatoes represent a specific variety of the tomato family and cannot change their identity or ethnicity. However, the use to which the cherry tomatoes can be employed can vary with the cook. The cherry tomatoes could be used in a variety of ways such as in marmalade, ketchup, salsa, paste, sauce etc… The way they are used determines their identity. For human beings, the cultural setting in which they reside or choose to reside represents their culture. For example, a person of Asian ethnicity might choose to live in America and become a citizen of that country. He has, in essence, changed his cultural identity from say Chinese, to Asian American. Human beings can change their culture but not their race or ethnicity.

 One of the problems involved in a person giving up his or her belief in the fantasy of race depends on how they identify themselves. If his or her identity depends on an association with a so-called race, then all the privileges and benefits will be forfeited. However, a new self-image will replace the vague and nebulous old one. In other words, if someone refers to himself as a black; that term makes only symbolic reference to identities throughout the world. No country or culture is referenced in the word black. So, if that word is dropped for the words African American then not only is a country identified but also a wonderful culture with a history unmatched by any other ethnic minority in the world.

Similar, those people who identify themselves as white instead of European American are simply holding on to a fantasy about race. For too long America has allowed its citizens to accept the falsehood of race until hate groups who base their identity on being white have decided to protect and defend their false belief. If society was to take away the concept of a white race, an Aryan race, and a Caucasian race, where would that leave all the groups that have built their existence on this concept? If the leaders of these ethnic hate groups did a little investigating they would have discovered that the word Caucasian or Caucasian race did not exist prior to 1795. The word actually referred to the residents or native people of or near the Caucasus Mountains. A German scientist, Johann Blumenbach is responsible for introducing this word to describe the people of Iranian and Turkish descent. However, Caucasian has been misused to represent the white race, just like the tomato has been misidentified as a vegetable. Also, the word Aryan is simple another way of spelling Iran, so those people who profess membership in an Aryan race definitely do not belong to a so-called white race; their ethnicity would be Iranian and/or Persian.

Understanding the words race, ethnicity and culture in their appropriate context is an empowering experience. Once one understands the context and application of these words, he or she can better understand us, our society, and other societies around the world that are still trapped in the race box.

NOTE: If this blog has helped you to better understand these concepts, please pass it along to someone you feel might benefit from this discussion. Thanks.

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