Paul R. Lehman, The NRA and Republican Party use President Obama to frighten gun buyers

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What seems so amazing today is how easily the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Republicans can dupe so many Americans to believe that The Government is planning to take away their guns. One would think that responsible people would stop and think about what they are being told by the NRA and Republicans before making runs on gun markets.
The NRA and Republicans have used fear and threats of the government/ President Obama making plans to overturn the 2nd Amendment and take away all guns. The fear is created through rumors associated with President Obama and the negative stereotype associated with his being an African American. Many Americans are already uneasy because they see themselves loosing ground as the society and world changes, becoming more diverse. That kind of change is frightening to them because it means that all people will be viewed as being part of the same family, not one superior or inferior. The idea of losing their Manifest Destiny seems too much to take, so they must fight to keep it.
The fear that comes with the rumors about the government taking away all the guns also includes the government taking control of their lives. The government is pictured as some entity apart from the people with great power and strength. The reaction to this entity is to fight it; hence the arms and ammunition. But, pray tell, how does one fight the government with guns and ammunition? What exactly would one be fighting to achieve? We know from past experiences that the government has the power to defeat anyone or thing that stands in it way, so of what good would be gun and ammunition against a government fighting force? The entire idea seems ludicrous and illogical.
The rumor says that The Government will take away the guns, but does not say who in the government will do the honors. If one believes such rumors, then one has to plan how to defend one’s self when attacked. Just how will this defense be accomplished if one does not know how the attack will be presented? What kind of expectations can be imagined after a fight with the government? Will there be a government take over by the fighters? Who will be in charge of directing the action during and after the fight? These questions seem silly simple in the asking; they make no sense in a rational way.
The NRA and The Republican Party have used the election of President Obama as an excuse to push the gun agenda through fear of losing the 2nd Amendment. However, President Obama has never said anything about rejecting the 2nd Amendment or taking away the guns of citizens. What he and other Americans have advocated are gun safety regulations, namely, requiring background checks on all gun sales; reinstating the assault weapons ban; renewing a 10-round limit on the size of ammunition magazines; prohibiting the possession, transfer, manufacture and import of dangerous armor-piercing bullets; new gun trafficking laws penalizing people who help criminals get guns. None of these concerns can be done without Congress’s action. Most people would agree that these items are reasonable and nowhere is there a call for gun control or confiscation. So, we ask, why the panic to rush to buy guns?
Media reports show that after each of Barack Obama’s election to the office of President, a rush to buy guns followed. Why? Was it something that President Obama said that caused fear and panic? News reports show instances where entire stocks of guns in some stores were depleted. In some stories, television viewers saw lines of perspective gun buyers several city blocks long. A number of city police departments have indicated that they encountered difficulty purchasing ammunition because the local suppliers were sold out. The reason for this run on guns can certainly be tied to the misinformation given out by some biased politicians. For example, Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Westville, OK is quotes as stating “The president is politicizing a national tragedy to impose his own personal agenda. This is outrageous and an outright assault on civil liberties. I strongly oppose restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms and will do everything I can to protect our Second Amendment rights.”(The Oklahoma, 1/17/13)
Unfortunately, the problem with comments like those of Mullin is that many people will believe he knows where of he speaks. He does not. Nowhere has President Obama called for changing the 2nd Amendment or controlling guns. This speech is based on fear—unfounded fear.
Actually, what has been going on with the gun issue is quite interesting. At no time during his campaign did President Obama mention doing away with the 2nd Amendment or abridging the rights of citizens to own guns. However, the NRA and Republican Party jumped on this issue right away. Why? Just as the NRA and Republican Party have been manipulating the unsuspecting public about a gun threat that does not exist, the gun and ammunition manufactures have been manipulating the NRA and Republican Party to create this gun crisis. How do we know this is the situation? We follow the money. When lines of gun purchasers measure several city blocks long; when the stock of guns are depleted; when the demand for weapons go up along with the price; when the number of guns and ammunition purchased by individuals increase, who actually benefit from all these conditions?
The gun and ammunition manufactures knew they could capitalize to the fear that Obama, an African American, could have on those Americans who fall prey to the political con artists once he became President. Because of that fear and ignorance, gun and ammunition sales are “well over the top” and guess who is sitting back, laughing at the fools who are madly preparing to fight the government over guns, while they simply count their money and manufacture more guns and ammunition? We do not begrudge them for making money in our capitalistic society. After all, the American capitalistic motto is “never give a sucker an even break.”

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  1. I concur. When there is an issue that simply doesn’t make any sense it is always smart to follow the money.

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