Paul R. Lehman, New Book: AMERICA’S RACE MATTERS: Returning the Gifts of Race and Color

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The picture below is the front cover of my latest book which is now available from, barnes or your local bookstore. Why would you want to read this book? One good reason for reading it is because it is enlightening in a variety of ways. Several specific element set this book apart from others that address the subject of race.

First, this book questions the beliefs of race, and discusses the conflicts and confusion resulting from an unclear definition of race. Most people try to define race by using the word race which results in a circular discussion with no progress being made regarding the definition.

A reason for some people not liking to discuss race is because they know very little about it. Once they understand what is at work with the use of the word race in American society, they will be able to move forward in their appreciation in the vision this book provides.

Second, this book discusses the concepts of race today and in the future, if no changes are made in the way we view it. The discussion makes a clear distinction between the words race and ethnicity.

Third, this book suggests the discontinued use of the words race, black and white, because they are no longer accurate, valid, rational, or specific in today’s society. Many examples of the uselessness of the word race are provided.

Fourth, this work uses examples from society, current U.S. Government information as well as popular fictional and non-fictional works by American writers that address race matters.

Fifth, this book offers a vision for America that addresses the problems created by race in a sensible, rational, realistic fashion.

Most books on race deal with race as it exists in the American past and present. While the information those works provide is valuable, it cannot go beyond the present-day concepts of race because that concept is not challenged. This book takes the discussion of race to higher level and shows the possibilities for the future. Change cannot come without an interruption of the present; a seed cannot become what is destined to be without first breaking through the ground. The same thing must happen to our way of thinking regarding race. This book provides an avenue of approach to that end.

One of the book’s reviewers, Kerri Shadid, wrote in the Oklahoman (5-11-12) that “The book follows the history of race in America from its creation during the time of slavery, to its role in literature, to the confusion perpetuated today by the U.S. Census Bureau using “race” rather than “ethnicity” on the census.” She adds that Lehman believes society’s rejecting the idea of race will not come easy; she continues “However, the reward of discarding the outdated and dehumanizing concept of race is more valuable than the benefits of continuing to grasp onto it.”

In the conclusion of her review, Shadid writes that “America’s Race Matters” is an important book in raising awareness of race in America, which many of us prefer to push under the rug to our own detriment as members of humanity.”


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