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America's Race Problem

The picture below is the front cover of my latest book which is now available from amazon.com, barnes andnoble.com or your local bookstore. Why would you want to read this book? One good reason for reading it is because it is enlightening in a variety of ways. Several specific element set this book apart from others that address the subject of race.

First, this book questions the beliefs of race, and discusses the conflicts and confusion resulting from an unclear definition of race. Most people try to define race by using the word race which results in a circular discussion with no progress being made regarding the definition.

A reason for some people not liking to discuss race is because they know very little about it. Once they understand what is at work with the use of the word race in American society, they will be able to move forward…

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  1. Just ordered for delivery to my Kindle. Very much looking forward to reading it.

    • Great Scott. I would be interested in your assessment of the book once you have finished it. You can just comment on it if you like.

  2. We just ordered for Kay’s Nook Tablet and look forward to reading it. Good choice for the cover!

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