Paul R. Lehman, Anti-Obama bumper sticker underscores fear and bigotry

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A graphic from MSN, shows a bumper sticker in a red, white and blue rectangle separated in three sections: a white square with two smaller rectangles on top of each other. The top one is blue, the bottom one is red. In the square is the international symbol of “no” or “do not,” a red circle with a line diagonally through it from top left to bottom right. A picture is inside the circle that shows a blue sky with a raising three-quarter sun with red and white stripes of the flag completing the bottom of the circle picture. The blue rectangle has white lettering that reads:”Don’t Re-Nig.” The bottom, red rectangle also has white lettering that reads: “In 2012.” In smaller print at the bottom of this same rectangle is a message that reads “Stop repeat offenders. Don’t reelect Obama!” MSN shows the graphic with the following message:

Seller pulls website after racist anti-Obama sticker goes viral

This year’s presidential race is already one of the most ugly and nasty in recent history. But a photo of a racist anti-Obama bumper sticker that has gone viral across social media, ranks as one of the lowest of many low moments. The sticker reads “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012” in large white script, with “Stop Repeat Offenders. Don’t reelect Obama!” in smaller script below. The sticker originated from a site called Stumpy’s Stickers, which has since shut down and which also sold several other racist and anti-Obama-themed stickers, including one with hooded Ku Klux Klan figures bearing the phrase “The Original Boyz N The Hood.”

Since his election, even before he took office, the cry of President Obama’s critics flooded the media. The desire of wanting to “take back our country” was their objective. Many Americans thought the criticism of President Obama was based on his politics or party affiliations rather than his ethnicity. Little doubt should exist now as to why President Obama’s critics want him out of office—their bigot his ethnicity.

When most Americans heard the cry of “let’s take back our country” they probably  assumed the idea was political. That is, the Republicans and other Presidential critics wanted to regain power of the White House and Congress. Apparently, that was only part of the objective. The phrase “taking back the country” can now be viewed as a desire to turn back the clock to pre civil right times when African Americans and women were controlled by the European American males from pulpit to polling place and schoolhouse to courthouse.

The recent rash of legislation from Republican Governors restricting the rights of women seems to suggest that the fear and anger of losing power has grown from simple fear to near panic. If America could be brought back to a time when the European American male was in total control, the “good old days,” then “happy days,” would be here again. The problem with that idea is it is long passed for most of society. We cannot turn back the clock of history and relive our story.

The problem facing those critics wanting to “take back the country” is three-fold. First, they see themselves presently as loosing ground rapidly. That is, they see themselves loosing their power and privilege based on the color of their skin. Since African Americans had little or no social value to them prior to civil rights, the idea of an African American president is anathema to them. They will not accept him as their leader; they cannot accept him as the leader of the free world. They believe by accepting President Obama as their leader, they relinquish their power and privilege and value as European Americans.

Second, they realize that change has already taken place with respect to African Americans and women since the enactment of civil rights requirements. Since they could not prevent changes from taking place earlier, they will try and rescind them now while they have an element of political control. They have a difficult time seeing themselves living with people for whom they feel superior.

Third, they realize that if things are not stopped now and returned to the “good old days” the future of having to live with inferior people they generally despise, on a level playing field is terrifying. The only recourse is to try and “take the country back.” They are in a fight for their lives as they knew them or thought them to be. They knew they were slowly losing ground, but the election of Obama, and the increased power of women in society in general is considerably more then they had expected.

MSN referred to the bumper sticker as racists, but in actuality, it is bigoted. We must constantly be reminded that if we all belong to one race, racism among human being cannot exist. Getting the Obama critics to realize that they are the same as all the other people of the planet is the great challenge they face. Bumper stickers and name calling are the two main weapons they have to use to gain attention to their plight. Unfortunately for them, those two things will not be enough to get the job done.

The problem is that they have missed the train of progress, and it is not coming back. They have only two choices– run to try and catch the train, or stay where they are—left behind. Consequently, they are aware of their situation, so they continue to try and derail the train with weapons of bigotry made out of worn-out wishes and dreams.




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  1. […] As for the bumper sticker, I will pass you over to Dr Paul Lehman, who has written much more effectively on that particular topic than I ever could in his article  Anti-Obama bumper sticker underscores fear and bigotry. […]

  2. the bumper sticker was derived from a low mantality, I am not throwing insaults ,, I am speaking the truth ,, any body that acts in a way that would display that type of a bumper sticker is lacking in mantality and is themselves gravely ‘challenged’ as a person who is struggling with there mental facaltys;

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