Rush hides behind NASCAR fans to promote bigotry and hatred of the Obamas

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Rush Limbaugh used the visit of Mrs. Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to heap criticism on President Obama’s administration as well as takes some pokes at some of the work Mrs. Obama’s is doing. What Limbaugh did was to use Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden as symbols for all that is wrong in America and NASCAR fans as decoys to hide the hate-filled, biased venom he spews. With every word he spits out he shows just how undemocratic, unchristian, unpatriotic and bigoted he is. We must not confuse Rush with someone with something of substance to provide or share with the public. He is paid to be an entertainer/clown/bigot, and he excels at his job.

Limbaugh reacting to the NASCAR fan booing Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden, he identifies himself with the NASCAR fans and states that the booing was justified and deserved because of some of President Obama’s policies. He goes on to add “We don’t like being told what to eat.” How does being told what to eat fall into the category of an Obama policy? Rush evidently confuses Mrs. Obama’s program on nutrition for the children with a presidential policy. No one is told what to eat, but children as well as adults are provided information concerning eating the right foods.

Next, Rush speaking again for the car fans says “We don’t like being told how much to exercise.” No presidential policy for exercising exists that tells people to exercise. Rush confuses the First Lady’s concern with childhood obesity with some imagined policy. He also assumes that President Obama is the person fostering this program. He is mistaken, most First Ladies, regardless of who is President usually becomes involved in programs separate from what their husbands are doing. That is the case with Mrs. Obama.

Rush continues speaking for the car fans by offering the comment “We don’t like being told what we’ve got to drive.”Who does Rush think is telling Americans what to drive? As an entertainer Rush has a very wild imagination, and he uses it to create scenarios that he believes will cater to the emotions of the car fans. He believes he has his finger on the pulse of their thoughts and emotions which allows him to represent them.

Basically, what Rush has said speaking for the fans is that they do like being told to do anything. What Rush is really saying is that he resents Mrs. Obama being the First Lady, and anything she stands for would be unacceptable to him. She is an African American, and according to Rush, African Americans do not have the intelligence to tell a European American anything. Of course Rush would not come right out and say that; hiding behind the fans is too easy to let pass. The information being offered through the programs began by Mrs. Obama can be considered valuable and offered in good faith. Rush, looking through the eyes of a bigot can only see an African American telling European Americans what is good for them, and this Rush detests.

Next, Rush shifts to focus from what Mrs. Obama and her husband are supposedly telling the American citizens to what the NARCAR fans and Rush simply do not like: “ We don’t like wasting money. We don’t like our economy being bankrupted. We don’t like 14 percent unemployment.”Neither does President Obama like any of those things. However, Rush suggests that these are the reasons that the NASCAR fans booed Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden. Again, these concerns, exaggerated as they are, reflect Rush’s concerns, not the fans, many of who can care less about the business of Congress. They were interested in the auto race.

Rush gets a little closer to what he really wants to say, and that is, he wants to deride the Obama’s for doing  anything that does not label them as stereotypical African Americans. Anything that resembles common sense and decency is off limits for them as far as Rush is concerned. While continuing to hide behind the protection of the NASCAR fans, he states that “NASCAR people—as are most people in this country—are mature, tolerant people who fully understand when they’re being insulted and condescended to.”He continues, “And they remember being called bitter clingers. They know that in their hearts, the Obamas don’t like them. We’ve taken notice of this.” If anyone wants to see what a hate-monger is, they only have to look at Rush. His intense hostility of the Obamas and desire to cause them hurt in the public’s eye by creating these negative scenarios is self-evident. They can do no right, and everything they do is seemingly an affront decent, patriotic, Christian, American citizen.

Finally, Rush says what is really behind his storm of hate-filled charges against the Obama’s. Rush say the appearance of Mrs. Obama is viewed as an insult to the NASCAR fans and adds “They understand it is a little bit of uppity-ism.” Rush’s use of the word “uppity” gives away the reason for his contempt for the President and his wife. The word “uppity” has usually been reserved to describe the behavior of African Americans who are seen trying to mimic the ways and manners of the higher class European American. In effect, the actions of Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden in promoting a program of aid American veterans and their families are viewed as presumptuous by Rush, and the people he supposedly represents, the NASCAR fans. The only problem is that only one of the ladies can behave in an “uppity” fashion—that would be Mrs. Obama.

To Rush, any actions of African Americans that would place them in the category of a normal, sensible and decent human being is a threat to his safety and self-worth. His 1800s mindset makes him the watchman for the bigots who live in daily fear of loosing their so-called white privilege and power. Chances are, many of the NASCAR fans would prefer to speak for themselves, and not have Rush hide behind them to escape being singled-out for his hatred of the Obama’s and the doom and destruction they have planned for America.


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  1. No arguing with your comments. What is concerning and saddening is that this guy and this rhetoric exist and thrives because there is a market for it.

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