Paul R. Lehman, Cain is not able to contest Obama

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Many people wonder how Herman Cain can acquire as much support as he has gotten. He now sits at the top of most political polls as the leader of the Republican candidates for President. The fact that Cain is a conservative and liked by the Tea Party might explain some of the reasons for his popularity, but the biggest irony comes from the fact that he is African American. Why is it that President Obama is the focus of negative attacks while Cain is popular among the same people since they are both African American?
Cain seems to be a source of entertainment for many people precisely because of his ethnicity and his rhetoric. For example, concerning Government Regulations, Cain says,
“Eliminating the burdens of cumbersome federal regulations would provide an immediate boost for our weakened economy. It would signal to businesses and investors that the federal government intends to get out of the business of over regulating. Where regulations are required the states will do their job. Consumers and investors do not need nanny-state federal regulations to save them from themselves.
If we would stop and think for a moment about this statement, we would understand that what Cain is saying is that the people should have few safe-guards from business, so business can make as much money as possible. In other words, if the regulations that are in place presently were removed, the stress, discomfort, and conflict experienced before regulations were put in place would reappear. Why would someone want society to regress by eliminating needed regulations?
Regarding the economy, Cain believes that the federal government should not be involved
“in the employer and employee relationship. While labor unions once provided a representative body to lobby for fair wages and safe working conditions for employees, they now principally serve as a political mechanism for the Left. Forced unionization through the dishonestly named “Employee Free Choice Act,” or “card check,” would drive up the costs of goods and services, cause hundreds and thousands of jobs to be lost and ultimately, a more powerful system of liberal fundraising to be maintained.
So, what will happen to the workers if unions can no longer play a role in negotiating working conditions and pay? Cain’s focus seems to be on the well-being of businesses only. In essence, he wants to give businesses every chance to succeed, while the employee must take whatever is offered him or her. The concern for the middle class and working class is part of President Obama’s focus while Cain’s focus is on helping businesses get whatever they want regardless of the employees.
What really sets apart Obama and Cain has to do with their philosophy regarding everyday problems like jobs and health care. For Cain, he believes that jobs are readily available for anyone who wants to work. He maintains this belief in spite of the fact that millions of jobs have been lost through no fault of the employees. He nevertheless says to the unemployed: “get a job.”He does not say where to find one.
In respect to health care Cain mixes his so-called humor with sarcasm when he says that:
Under the guise of making health care a “right” for all people, President Obama and the liberals in Congress instead extended the tentacles of government, expanding their control and diminishing patients’ rights. They have also made it more difficult and more expensive for doctors to practice medicine, including specialized practitioners who are desperately needed to save lives. In reality, their attempts at reforming the system have actually deformed it.
One of Cain’s biggest miscues came when he made the statement that African Americans were brainwashed by voting Democrat consistently. If anyone had thoughts about Cain’s ability to reason and come to grips with problems, those thoughts were dispelled by his statement. One wonders why people would be considered brainwashed for voting consistently in their own best interest; which is what African Americans have done since 1964.
On the contrary, one might wonder why Cain would be the poster boy for a party that has shown little interest in the problems and concerns of many ethnic Americans, especially, African Americans. One reason might be because he does not see himself in the same light as most Americans. Cain has the myopic view of his life and experiences that allow him to think that all his achievements came solely because of his efforts. One wonders if he ever considers what kind of education would have been available to him had it not been for the Civil Rights activists and others who made acquiring a good education possible. He does not seem to recognize the efforts of others who opened the many doors through which he was able to walk.
As a form of entertainment, Cain presently is enjoying an element of success. That success comes because the people who support him know that he is not a serious contender for president. They support him now because he says the things they approve of and say themselves. Cain keeps things simple because he is not a serious candidate for president; he has little or no organization necessary to mount a legitimate campaign. The primary reason Cain is experiencing success now is because he does not represent a threat to those people who fear Obama and what Obama symbolizes. As an entertainer, Cain can say and do things that make little to no sense and can get away with it because it does no harm. Most people see buffoons or comedians as entertainers, and will pay money to keep them in the spotlight for as long as they want them there, because once the time comes to get down to business, the laughter will end.

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  1. Agreed. Cain is the Howard Stern of candidates right now, and I agree while he is getting plenty of attention it won’t translate into votes.

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