Paul R. Lehman, Parker’s Obama comments draw Republican ire

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In a recent article, Kathleen Parker, a columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group, wrote
about when she believes a part of America lost its common sense. She traces it
back to September 11, 2001. Stated simply, she says that since 9/11 America has
experienced “an ongoing, self-perpetuating act of American self-destruction.”
She adds that 10 years ago something was unleashed that we need to take a close
look at: “The event was so cataclysmic and horrifying that it caused a sort of emotional
breakdown in the American constitution. Simply put, it damaged our collective
soul and seems to have released a free-ranging hysteria that has contaminated
our interactions ever since.” She makes this claim based on the country’s
actions and reactions to a variety of things that have occurred during the past
ten years, for example, the Afghanistan war. She identifies others.

Parker is on relatively safe ground as long as she does not
say anything complimentary about President or uncomplimentary about Republican
conservatives. Unfortunately, she does both and thereby incurs the wrath of
some hysterical Republicans. In doing so she invokes her rights as a journalist
to “say that which no one else dares.” She continues by stating that:

tried to unite the nation with his purple rhetoric, but he missed his window
when it     came time to act. The jobs
speech he gave last week was 2 ½ years late and the health care           reform bill he pushed through against
a tide of opposition was a calamity of bed timing.

missteps, nonetheless, don’t justify the “You lie!” hysteria of his opposition.

Although Parker’s assessment of the hysteria shortly 9/11
has some merit, she totally missed the boat on the cause of hysteria after the
election of Obama. The madness that set in once Obama was elected was based on
bigotry and fear. Many Americans were son comfortable and confident in their
feeling of ethnic superiority that they never dreamed Obama would win the
election. When he did win it, they panicked because now he represented a threat
to their sense of privilege. Since accepting Obama as President meant losing
their sense of superiority over non-European Americans, it meant all-out war
against what he stood for—equality for all. What that war against Obama
includes is anything that gives him credit for something positive. In addition,
that war is also against anyone who credits Obama with anything positive.

The attitude of many of these Republicans against Obama and
his supporters can be seen in the belief that any opinion contrary to theirs is
wrong and destructive to America. This attitude is something similar to the
idea that a person cannot be a “good” person unless he or she is a Christian,
not just any Christian, but one that believes like them. Unfortunately, Parker
did not take that attitude into consideration when she made her comments.
Parker evidently thought that common sense and respect for the office of the
President still held some value when she made the comment about “You lie”
outburst. Little did she know about the dangerous ground on which she was

One writer to the “Opinion” page in the Oklahoman expresses her discontent in Parker saying that “Now,
Parker wants to trot out tired excuses for America’s decline by illustrating a
congressman’s shout of ‘You Lie!’ during Obama’s State of the Union speech. It
was a shout barely heard by the public, yet gleefully explained by the media as
witness to all things wrong with America.” The opinion writer adds that “Parker
and the rest of the media should take a good long look in the mirror and ask
themselves what responsibility they have for the downfall of our great
country.” So, somehow when a journalist makes an observation or expresses an
opinion they must make certain it agrees with the Republicans.

While the major portion of Parker’s article was criticism
about Obama actions and reactions, she also suggested indirectly that an
intelligent, “reflective and cautious.” People you are hateful and fearful of
Obama cannot accept him as their leader. Regarding Parker’s comments about
Obama, another “Opinion” writer states that “ I believe he [Obama] is convinced
that he is the smartest man in the room, when in truth, he in anything but. The
national media, such as Parker, have tried time and again the[sic] make him
smart, but it has not worked.”

The standard excuses used to discredit Obama include “run
away or out of control spending,” and “failed policies,” but never with
concrete example of either. Contrary to their beliefs, no one have identified
“out of control” spending non can they point to his “failed policies.” That is
not to say that Obama has not made any mistakes, he has. After all, no one is
perfect, except those Republicans who want to hold Obama to a perfect standard.

Yes, Ms. Parker, a certain degree of hysteria exists in
America and in particular with the Republicans because they know the days of
their party is numbered. Most reasonable and rational Americans know what is
going on in the country and especially in Washington. Many Republicans do not
want to see what is happening in Washington and congress because they have
already passed judgment on Obama and the democrats—they have failed. One “Opinion”
writer wants Parker to see things her way when she tells her to “Open you eyes
Parker. By any measure, a total, unfettered failure is till a failure.”

Parker’s advises to America is to take a good look at itself
to understand the problems and what must be done to correct them. She has not
yet identified bigotry as one of the causes of the hysteria in America, and
because of that, she believes that the problem is more simply than it is. When
she does realize that the anger of her readers comes from the nice things she
said about Obama, she will also realize, one would hope, that the anger and
fear of those readers who feel they are losing control of something that they cannot
retain or prevent from leaving—ethnic superiority.


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  1. Excellent. There are none so blind as those that refuse to see.

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