Paul R. Lehman, Sen. Tom Coburn’s comments on President Obama wrong and goofy

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Sometimes people are better off if they just keep their mouth’s
shut rather than try and talk about something that show them to be ignorant or
not quite informed. Such was the case recently when Sen. Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma responded to questions
about President Obama during a town hall meeting. Coburn’s responses said more
about him than they did about President

When a voter asked Coburn if he thought the President wanted
to destroy the country, the lawmaker answered that Obama had no intentions to
destroy the country. Then he added, according to the Tulsa World, “It’s to
create dependency because it worked so well for him.” In effect, Sen. Coburn
believes that President Obama’s intention for the country is to make it
dependent on something? What did the Senator have in mind? His reference to
Obama’s dependency having worked so well for him seems to suggest something
that was never identified. We can only speculate on what kind of dependency
Coburn had in mind, but even that speculation provides no rational suggestion
that would accommodate the reference to a dependent society.

To further complicate matters, Coburn stated regarding
President Obama “As an African-American male, coming through the progress of
everything he experienced, he got tremendous benefit through a lot of these
programs. So he believes in them.” Again, Coburn is extremely vague on what he
means by his reference to “these programs” as well as the benefits Obama
derived from them. If, for example, Coburn means programs created by
colleges and universities through Affirmative Action to allow ethnic American
students and women to attend, in many instances, for the first time, he should
have said so. Those programs benefited all ethnic American and women students
who were able to take advantage of them; they benefited society even more.

Maybe the good Senator forgot that prior to the creation of
many of the Affirmative Action
programs women and minorities were prevented from attending many colleges and
universities or were restricted by admission quotas from attending them.
Without these programs the success enjoyed by many Americans today would not
have been possible. For example, Supreme
Court Justice Clarence Thomas
could not have become a lawyer had it not been
for Affirmative Action. The same is true for former California Higher Education Regent, Ward Connerly. We cannot begin
to mention the number of women who have benefited from such programs,
especially European American

Coburn seems to suggest in his comments that because
President Obama is African American
he received special treatment and “tremendous
through a lot of these
” Coburn would have done us a great service had he mentioned some
of the programs so others might take advantage of them. The primary benefit
provided by Affirmative Action was access to opportunity. In essence, once the
doors were opened, the person who had once been deprived of the opportunity
entered, but received no special treatment. The standards of the institution or
program were not adjusted to accommodate the newcomers.

Evidently, many uninformed Americans, including the Senator,
think that programs created by Affirmative Action deprive the majority students
of some opportunity owed them. If this idea is what Sen. Coburn has in mind,
then he is sadly mistaken about anything being taken away from the majority in
society. As a matter for fact, these programs contribute more to society than
they take away. The recipients of these programs usually become employed,
tax-paying citizens, rather than dependents of society. That being the case,
Sen. Coburn should be in favor of more such programs seeing how they benefit

Unfortunately, Sen. Coburn has a different opinion. He says
that “I just don’t believe they [the programs] work overall and in the long run
they don’t help our country.” Again, one does not know exactly what programs
Coburn is speaking of since he does not identify them. If he is speaking of welfare, for example, he needs to
identify what type of welfare he means. America provides welfare to businesses
and corporations, but does not call those programs welfare. The small amount
that goes to help many of the citizens actually goes to the majority
population. So, if he is not willing to help the poor and disabled through these
government programs, he should say so. President Obama being an African
American has nothing to do with whatever programs to which Coburn might be
referring.  One thing Coburn knows for
certain is that these programs do not help our country. If he means that
because these programs, whatever they are, depend on the government for their
existence and that makes them no good, then he needs to identify them and go
about getting rid of them, especially since he believes they do not work.

In addition, Sen. Coburn says, we believe, concerning these
unidentified programs and their relation to President Obama that Obama “doesn’t
know that because his life experience is something different.” What the Senator
knows about President Obama’s life experiences as an African American he does
not say, but does conclude that it is “something different.”Different from
What? Confusion reigns throughout the Senator’s comments because he either
knows not of what he is speaking, or is simple filling time by not answering
the questions, but by just making responses.

Finally, Coburn makes the statement that he thinks Obama
does love our country, but then adds “there’s nothing wrong with his philosophy
other than it’s goofy and wrong.” Will someone please help me understand how
something can be wrong and not wrong at the same time? Also, please help me
with goofy. What does goofy mean? Following the Republican objective to never say anything positive about
President Obama or give him credit for anything beneficial for society, Sen.
Coburn comes up with a bunch of nonsensical responses  to questions about
President Obama. Sen. Coburn and President Obama have said on occasion that
they are friends. If that is indeed the case, then Obama does not need any more
like Coburn. President Obama might do his friend a favor and suggest that he be
more specific and informative during his next town hall meetings, that is if
will make a difference to his supporters.



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  1. When you figure out what Sen. Coburn is all about, do all us readers a favor by telling us.

  2. Perhaps Sen Coburn should watch Tim Wise.

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