Paul R. Lehman, Gingrich relies on bigotry to try to slam Obama

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Before he made his announcement to Americas that he would be running for president, Newt Ging rich recounted how he had used poor judgment in his past. However, he said that he had asked God for forgiveness and has since tried to live a good life. In other words, Newt wants to wipe his slate clean, let the past be past and move on to the future and the presidential campaign. America is not supposed to remember how Newt left Congress and why. While his good guy image might appeal to some, his need to introduce ethnic bigotry into his campaign exposes his negative and unethical side.

Using what we understand to be code words, Gingrich has labeled President Obama as “the most successful food stamp president in history.” What that is supposed to mean is that he caters to poor African Americans who need public assistance. In essence, Newt tries to create an image of President Obama that many Americans would reject. The idea that more people receive food stamps today because Obama is President suggests that he is giving away taxpayers money to undeserving people. The media years ago went out of their way to picture African Americans in welfare lines and give the impression that they were the beneficiaries of undeserved goods and services all because they were lazy and refused to work. What the media did not report was the fact that the majority of welfare and food stamp recipients are European Americans. The fact is that if all the African Americans in America were to be on welfare and receive food stamps, they would still be in the minority of recipients.

Evidently, facts do not matter to Newt, the important thing is the image presented in code. The objective is to try and discredit Obama in some way so he appears unacceptable to the voters in 2012. The programs passed by Congress and signed by Obama can easily be defended with facts by the President, so Newt tries to stay away from them. If charges can be made against Obama for something that is emotionally based, then that is the hunting ground Newt favors. So, he deals in coded words and phrases when attacking Obama.

 Appearing on Meet the Press, Sunday, Gingrich was asked if he thought the reference to food stamp president was racists, and of course, he denied it. Gingrich is correct, because he is not a racists, he is a bigot. He made the claim that “The Obama system is going to lead us down the path to Detroit and destruction. I think we need a brand new path that’s a path of job creation. And one of the central things of this campaign is going to be paychecks versus food stamps.” One would have to have lived on another planet the last several years to not identify Newts comments as code for an incompetent African American president. The reference to jobs and paychecks would be his contribution to the nation.

Newt is a very bright student of American history and he knows that for many Americans having an African American as President is a very uncomfortable and untenable position for them. The game to them is not to let the President win the battle of social justice and fairness. For Obama to be accepted as a legitimate president would mean that many Americans would be forced to see themselves as not superior to him. That is an image they cannot accommodate in their minds. Gingrich knows this and plays to it. He believes that bringing to the surface, in coded words, the idea of Obama’s inferiority; he can garner the support of those bigots whose self image is being threatened by Obama’s presidency.

Will Gingrich ever admit that this is the game he is playing? Not on your life. He sees himself as intellectually superior to both the bigots and Obama, so that leaves him free to try and play them both. What does he think comes to mind when he makes a reference to Detroit and destruction in the same sentence? What he hopes will happen is a recalling of many of the negative things associated with that city from the past and recent times. He suggests that the reasons for Detroit’s problems are because of its large population of African Americans and its history of African American mayors. He wants to create a negative image of failure associated with African Americans and then tie President Obama in with those images.

Fortunately, David Gregory saw through the smoke screen Newt tried to create regarding his bias language and called him on it. Gingrich, however, is of the opinion that he will never admit to anything wrong because he is never wrong. Even when he is shown evident of his lies, he does not own up to them. This man says he wants to be president and that he has changed from the old person who did devious things, to a new person who is on the right track. After listening to his talk about himself and Obama, we know for certain that he is not in control of the truth, but believes that simply by having the words come out of his mouth, he should be believed.

For Gingrich to refer to President Obama as the most successful food stamp President, and one who is leading us down the path of Detroit and destruction is as clear an example of bigotry via code that we can get in text. For him to deny that fact is to play to the fools.



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  1. Reagan’s gift of the “welfare queen” quip seems to have a legacy in Gingrich’s “food stamp president” phrase.

  2. This is Newt’s forte, he’s good at coining catchy lables and phrases like “contract with America”. But for all his verbal prowess, he is not only a bigot but narcissistic as well. Inevitably his political life is doomed because those great verbal skills will always come into conflict with the other very large occupant of Newt’s mouth…his foot.

    • Well said.

      • I don’t know this Newt person – he doesn’t appear in our media (yet) but by the sound of it, I won’t be liking him at all!

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