Paul R. Lehman, Bigotry behind Obama birth question

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The people who have for two years or more questioned the birth place of President Obama finally got the proof they requested—the original long form of his Hawaii birth certificate. Unfortunately, that was not really what they wanted. They really wanted to say that he was not an American citizen. Regardless of what happens, these people will never be satisfied with anything Obama does and says because they are brain damaged. They lack common sense, common decency, and patriotism.

First, they lack common sense in their supposed quest for Obama’s real birth certificate because they never really wanted it. They merely wanted to create doubt in the minds of the fellow brained damaged associates. Common sense should have informed them that someone in America would have uncovered the problem with Obama’s birth place when he ran for Senator a few years ago. Certainly during the Presidential campaign someone would have discovered the problem. Since no problem came to light, some people thought they would do the country a service and start a rumor about Obama’s birth place just to create some doubt for the people you have not accepted him as President. The plan worked, but only for those with damaged minds because they lack the element of common sense.

Many Americans have graced the television cameras with words of doubt concerning the President’s birth place. Why? Their minds are so constricted that it will not allow them to accept an African American male as the leader of America. So, since they cannot allow this image of Obama as President to enter their brains, they must combat it in any way they can and by any means available. They believe that the more people they are able to convince, the more likely it will prove to be an illusion. In reality they know their battle is loss, but they cannot stop fighting because they lack common sense.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary  sees “ common sense as beliefs or propositions that most people consider prudent and of sound judgment, without reliance on esoteric knowledge or study or research, but based upon what they see as knowledge held by people “in common”. Thus “common sense” (in this view) equates to the knowledge and experience which most people already have, or which the person using the term believes that they do or should have.”

These same people also lack what is known as common decency because they act as though their actions to discredit President Obama are righteous. What they fail to understand is their inability to conform to prevailing standards of propriety or decorum and modesty. Their lack of understanding of decency and common sense give them the freedom to say and do whatever they believe is in keeping with their battle. In our democracy, we as citizens have the right to disagree with and, indeed, not like our President. We should, however, respect the office he holds, because it represents the leader of our country.

An example of someone lacking common decency is the Pastor of a small Southern church who burned the Koran as a form of protest. What was he protesting?  Another example is the pastor and his congregation who frequently protest the funeral of a slain American soldier. People with what is considered normal brain functions would not participate in any of the actions noted above. Those actions are not in keeping with acceptable decent behavior. So, the people who do participate in it must suffer from some brain damage.

The other element lacking in the people who question the birth place of the President in spite of all the evidence to the contrary is a lack of patriotism. Since these people lack the elements of both common sense and common decency, they cannot or fail to see that their actions reflect negatively on America as their country and society. When they show a lack of respect for the office of the President of the United States or the word of a sovereign state such as Hawaii, then their actions suggest a lack of love, care and respect for this country. Common sense and common decency tells us that one does not denigrate or try to cast aspersions at the leader of one’s country or disrespect the honor and authority of a state if you love and care for it. Most people would agree that protest can be a very positive and constructive form of democracy, because it shows people who want change within the government and are will to work for it. Actions that lack common sense and decency are negative and destructive. They should have no place in a democracy because they work against it.

What is it about these people who question President Obama’s birth place that keeps them in an attack mode? They are in a battle for their minds. They were raised to never accept an African American as an equal because if they do then that makes them no longer the standard for being normal. If everybody is considered normal, than how can they, the European Americans, be viewed as superior to all non-European Americans, and especially African Americans? Once we understand that their battle is not about a birth place or certificate, but about a false perception created by society, yet believed to be true, then we will realize that the battle will continue under any guise just as long as Obama is held mentally at bay. Common sense and rational thought is not sufficient to satisfy their damaged brains nor is concrete evidence.

These comments are not meant to demean or belittle the people in question. We need to understand why they do what the do in regards to President Obama. The inability to accept reality represents a serious problem for some people, especially the ones who cannot accept Obama, an African American, as President of the United States. So, for that reason, they have to create life-lines for themselves to keep their image of self-worth and superiority alive. In doing so, they forgo common sense, common decency, and patriotism.

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