Paul R. Lehman,Bigotry, anger, and ignorance leads to incivility

October 30, 2010 at 9:06 pm | Posted in American Bigotry | 4 Comments
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Being an angry bigot and an ignoramus does not allow one to disrespect and denigrate another person or the office he or she represents. Unfortunately, many Republicans, Tea Partiers and politicians in general believe that it does. Since Obama was elected President, they believe that since they do not like him or respect him and his office, they are at liberty to do whatever they want. They need to take stock at what they are really doing

What ever happened to respect for our fellowman? Was that part of the so-called American family values taken out? Apparently it has been taken out , at least for some Americans. Instead of these angry Americans harping on the problems of the deficit and the affect it will have on our children and grandchildren, they should be thinking about how civil their children and grandchildren will be towards each other if they follow the examples being presented by their political and family leaders. What are some of these examples?

First, we have the example of hatred and disrespect for the President. Since Obama is an African American, and African Americans need not be respected, one need not show him respect. For example, it is perfectly fine to interrupt his State of the Union speech by calling him a liar. For that action, your colleagues will gather around you, pat you on the back, give you an “Atta Boy,” and your campaign contributions will increase. You are also free to disrespect his office by calling him names and drawing characterizations of him that makes him look like an enemy of the people, an alien, a gangster or any other despicable variation. One Democratic politician from Rhode Island during an angry outburst literally told President Obama to take his support and “shove it.”

How can America call itself a civil society we have many representatives of the people acting like ignoramuses? What kind of examples are we setting for our children and grandchildren when we behave like brutes? When we do not call into to question the behavior and character of our politicians and citizens who act in an unchristian and insensitive manor we are simply teaching our children and the world that acting disrespectful and using foul and unacceptable language is just fine. In other words we are saying that be uncivil is cool.

Recently, Jim Leach, current Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, said that the game of professional football is today more civil that politics and politicians. In professional football, rules govern the play on the field as well as the players. If an infraction is committed during, the player is identified and a penalty is given; the entire team experiences the loss. If a player’s behavior is un-sportsmen like, a penalty is given, and again the team experiences the loss. None of these elements exist is politics. Politicians can say and do almost anything and receive no reprimand or penalty from colleagues or supporters.

Too many politicians and citizens seem to believe that their rights and privileges are the only ones that need to be respected. At a recent activity for candidate Rand Paul, a young female protester was attacked by several men and had her head stepped on in the process. She was a Rand Paul supporter, but the men who attacked her thought that she was going to harm Paul. She was carrying a pro Paul sign using both of her hands, so how could she have attack Paul? She could not, but that made no difference to her attackers. They felt justified in attacking her, and one attacker said she should apologize to him (I guess for putting her head under his shoe).What about her right to protest? Evidently their rights took precedence over hers.

The mood of the country seems to be one of negativity with respect to everyone and every thing simply because Obama is President. Many politicians running for office are not running on issues, they are running to defeat Obama. Many of the political commercials never mention a single issue. They say things like “I will fight Obamacare,” or “I will fight Obama’s out-of-control spending,” or I will fight against Obama’s socialist programs.” Are all the programs Obama put into place destructive and lacking any benefits for the American people? Absolutely not, but one would never know it from the language used in many of the se commercials.

The Republican leaders have said that they want to defeat Obama and prevent him from serving a second term. They believe that after the mid-term elections, they will have a good chance to stop all legislation offered or supported by Obama. Just exactly what will this action accomplish? They cannot go back and undo Obama’s election as President, but their bigotry and anger will not let them rest without trying in some way to discredit Obama. Their actions are un-American, undemocratic, unpatriotic, and even unchristian; however, they either fail to realize the examples they are setting for the youth of American or they are too selfish to care. Either way, examples are being set and witnessed. When the behavior of the youth starts to reflect that of our leaders, there will be no place to run and hide; they will have to wear the labels of hypocrites and bigots.

Has anyone given any thought to what the country will be like after the mid-term elections? The Tea Party candidates believe they owe nothing to the Republican Party, so they do not feel obligated to walk in lockstep with them. If the democrats lose control of the House, then they have no leverage to pass any legislation, so the country will suffer from gridlock, which is what the Republicans want. So what positive outcome will or can be realized from this election and the negativity that has encumbered it? Too many people seem satisfied to keep the turmoil and unrest going so they can get their way. This negative and hateful attitude is so unnecessary and wasteful and destructive. How long will America refuse to recognize what is happening to it because of the lack of civility? The prevailing mood seems to be that captured in a song by Jan Michael—“Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend. Do it in the name of Heaven. You can justify it in the end.”America! We are better than that!



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  1. How sad. I believe most American don’t want all this division and name calling. I think most are sick of it. But there are many who make a living from it and no matter what the situation it will be spun to continue to generate hate an anger. This can’t end well.

  2. I waited until after the election to comment. I agree that bigotry and ignorance were on display. Bigotry is not all, though. Hatred of the government has been on the rise ever since Ronald Reagan persuaded the public three decades ago that government is the enemy. The next two years will be troublesome and frustrating.
    Some think President Obama should be harsher toward his political enemies. However, he doesn’t want the first African-American president to be remembered as an angry, vindictive man. In other words, sometime another African-American will be a candidate for the presidency, and Obama wants to set a good example.

    • I agree with you about Obama not wanting to respond to his critics in anger. Many people are upset with him for not being more forceful and direct, but as you mentioned, he has more on his plate than meets the public eye. He cannot react in the way the average citizen would because everything he says and does is food for his critics.

  3. Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!

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