Paul R. Lehman, Republican bigotry hurts America

May 15, 2010 at 4:04 pm | Posted in American Bigotry | 1 Comment

Congressional Republicans and their bigotry against Obama hurt America. If ways and actions speak louder than words, then the number of bills passed by the House and deliberately not considered by the Senate as well as the number of appointees for administrative positions being held-up by the Republicans simply tell the American people that the Republicans value their partisan politics more than the people’s business. How do they rationalize the fact that they are denying Obama his administration by holding –up appointments and still complain that he and his administration are not doing a good job? Common sense dictates that they cannot things both ways.

Senator Coburn of Oklahoma stands as a symbol of the hypocrisy that has come to represent the Congressional Republicans. The best interest of the Americans people must take a back seat to the political antics that are employed to delay or defeat any Obama or Democratic action. Why? Again, if the actions were for the benefit of the American people, then we should support the Republicans’ actions, but when they are merely to prevent Obama and his administration from achieving some required objective, then they should be called to answer for their actions.

In a Washington Bureau article by Chris Casteel (May 5, 2010) concerning Coburn and his Republican colleagues, he writes that “Sen. Tom Coburn fended off Democratic attempts  Friday to break secret Republican ‘holds’ on dozens of President Obama’s nominees, and Coburn revealed that he had been blocking votes on six people himself.”

What would be the purpose for blocking more than sixty nominees for Federal Department positions? The only logical explanation is to sabotage President Obama’s administration. Why? To try and make him appear incompetent to be President and doing so justify their bigotry towards him and his administration. But who suffers because of these Republican actions? Certainly Obama loses because he cannot get the people he needs to do the jobs he want done. Unfortunately, the American people are the ultimate losers because the country will be negatively affected by the lack of qualified people in responsible government positions.

The American people will at some point come to realize that the antics of the Republican Congressional leaders serve no useful or beneficial purpose for the country. The argument of doing what the American people want done falls on it face when we realize that if a leader’s hands are tied behind his back the complaint of him not doing a good job makes no sense at all. Add to the argument the fact that the House of Representatives have passed numerous bills that await the Senate’s action and the picture become quite clear—the Republicans want Obama to fail even at the country’s expense.

Legislators engaging in meaningful debate over important issues is considered necessary to our form of government. However, when even debate is being blocked by Obama critics, then one must question the motives and objectives of the blockers. Why do they always take the negative approach? Nothing Obama does seem to be acceptable to these naysayers. Common sense tells us that a broken clock has the correct time two times a day. That is two times more than they give Obama. The perspective changes when we look at things from the positive point of view.

One of the major complaints is that of unemployment. If 9% of the population is unemployed then 81% must be employed. The difference is certainly not wanted or acceptable, but also not a sign of impending doom. Another complaint is that of too much taxing. Well, the majority of working Americans make under $250 thousand a year; they paid fewer taxes last year then the year before. Who’s making these complaints? Plans are in effect to bring our troops home from both Iraq and Afghanistan as promised. More Americans will receive affordable health care insurance now and in the future than ever before. What is wrong with that? Most experts believe that the economy has turned around and is heading towards stability. If Americans start to look for the positive in the current administration, more will become obvious.

When Republicans say they want less government and criticize the Obama administration, they serve as representatives for people who do not realize that politicians play word games for partisan reasons. If one was to stop and ask protesters to give an account of how and where their taxes have increased, they would be hard pressed to come up with a rational answer. If they are asked where they would like to have less government involvement in their lives most would not mention roads, highways, bridges, schools, food protection, police protection, fire protection, the U.S. Military, vets benefits, state guards or even the FDIC that protects their savings from loss. They simply mimic the negative things they hear their so-called leaders say without reservation. We should never settle for less than the best we are able to achieve, but that does not mean we have to concentrate only on the negative. We actually get a different perspective when we look at life from the positive side.

Do the Republicans want the country to fail? Most would answer no to that question. Do Republicans what President Obama to fail? Judging by their actions, the answer would be yes. Do they not realize that by promoting the failure of Obama they are inviting failure for the country? We know that denial and rejection are part of the process of fear. The Republicans should seek help in trying to deal with their fear of Obama and what he represents. Bigotry is a very serious condition not unlike cancer that if left untreated, can destroy its victim.


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  1. As we approach the elections, this review of current attitudes and the bandwagon mentality, of echo-me-groups who are willing to sacrifice America, and provide leaders and want-to-be presidential candidates the platform to blur our moral convictions with unrealistic generalizations, is timely to say the least. The real hidden agenda is to destroy an African-American President by any means possible. I enjoyed your analysis.

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