America’s Race Problem: A Practicial Guide To Understanding Race in America

December 24, 2009 at 1:56 am | Posted in Race in America | 1 Comment
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In this book, Lehman examines America’s race problem with the understanding that America usually addresses race with the assumption that all things regarding race are presently correct and accurate. In so doing, America fails to confront the real problem of race. After discussing various aspects of race and its manifestations using both academic and secular references, the book presents a challenge to America to recognize its race problem by examining its present-day perceptions, language, and behavior. Some of the topics discussed include color normalcy, racial priority, and slavery’s legacy. The chapter “The Race Box” will engage the reader in a discussion that can have a major impact ont he way race is viewed by individuals in American society.


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  1. This month millions of Americans are celebrating Black Heritage Month. The celebration of this month has no reflection on Chris Matthews or Oprah Winfrey. It reflects millions of individuals who advocate Black as their race. We still have millions of older americans who prefer to be called Colored or Negro. There are many organizations that continue to use their founding names. The United Negro College, National Historical Black Colleges and Universities, Hollywood’s Black Elite, National Association of Colored People,The National Black Mayor’s Association,The National Black Caucus, Black Incorporated, National Council of Negro Women,etc, Negro and Black organization’s Board of Directors refuse to change their names to African American. In Honor of Black History Month President Obama and the First Lady will host a Black History Concert at the White House. Chris Matthews a caucasion nor Oprah Winfrey a black female will ever achieve the significant impact that the above mentioned organizations have historically achieved. There are also many peole of color who do not want placed into any racial catagory.

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